International Plymouth

Welcome to the Plymouth University Internationalisation Group's blog. The group is chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Bill Rammell, with membership drawn across the University.

The group is responsible for the strategic oversight of enhancements to internationalisation here at Plymouth University. We work on short-, medium- and long-term projects, commission task and finish groups, undertake research and most importantly embedding internationalisation throughout the University.

We hope this blog will become an interactive space in which to share best practice, suggest ideas for new projects and comment on our work.

The establishment of Plymouth Devon International College (PDIC Ltd.) in 2009 saw the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for Plymouth University’s international efforts. A partnership with Navitas Group heralded a growing commitment to increased international profile and the establishment of new and productive recruitment channels. A willingness to explore new avenues for internationalisation has seen awareness and attractiveness of the Plymouth University brand develop at an encouraging rate.

Key to this development has been the mutual commitment to quality and an understanding that the reputation of the University itself is the key driving factor in attracting students from overseas. In recognition of this fact, every effort is being made to establish the embedded Navitas college as an integral component in the overall university internationalisation strategy. The overriding aim of this partnership is to present a seamless transition from initial entry to graduation.

In January 2012, Navitas committed to rebranding the international college to further emphasise the embedded nature of the college and reinforce the pathway concept in the minds of students and their influencers.  Changing the trading name from PDIC to “Plymouth University International College” (PUIC) was seen as an important step towards increased integration and the disambiguation of the partnership structure.  This is further highlighted by the physical location of the college within the main campus and the excellent working relationship which has developed between PUIC staff and Plymouth University’s own International Office.

Plymouth University’s provision of branch sponsorship for all PUIC students was an extremely positive step and has seen record growth in enrolled numbers at a time when numbers of international students arriving in the UK is in decline. Single-visa pathways are a major factor in students’ choice of study destination. Strong commitment to new pathway development and increased cooperation between the college and university faculties bode well for future growth. PUIC currently offer pathways at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Further information on all available pathways is available from