International Plymouth

Welcome to the Plymouth University Internationalisation Group's blog. The group is chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Bill Rammell, with membership drawn across the University.

The group is responsible for the strategic oversight of enhancements to internationalisation here at Plymouth University. We work on short-, medium- and long-term projects, commission task and finish groups, undertake research and most importantly embedding internationalisation throughout the University.

We hope this blog will become an interactive space in which to share best practice, suggest ideas for new projects and comment on our work.

A scholarship opportunity with the University of Cantabria (in Santander) has arisen for our post-graduate students in the following areas:

  • Water, Energy and Environment
  • Banking, Finance and Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Heritage and Language
  • Basic Science: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Biomedicine

to participate in the University of Cantabria’s event ‘Cantabria Nobel Campus 2012’. The scholarship covers the cost of registration, lodgings and living expenses meaning successful students would only have to pay for their ferry to Santander.

For more information and to apply please follow the link:

If you decide to apply, please let us know by sending a quick email to: